Monday, January 12, 2009

Lake Resolve

by Valenti

The divorce had been emotionally nasty. The cheating
bastard lied to me for five out of the six years we were
married. Fortunately we didn't have any children so after
the divorce, we agreed to split everything down the
middle. We each had half the debts and half the assets
and that was the end of that. Two years later, at 30, I'm
still single and harbor a hatred and lack of trust
towards men.

I continued my teaching position as a high school teacher
but I became less and less enthusiastic and more recluse
since the divorce. I focused all of my energies around
work and less with social activities. My sex life had
gone from bad to non-existent except of course my
obsession to masturbate, which was my refuge for relief

As the summer break got closer Amy Jenkins, another
teacher at the school, middle aged and a good friend when
I needed one, offered to let me use her cabin. She knew I
was a little broke and probably couldn't afford a cruise
or something like that, and she also knew I needed a
well-deserved break. Amy and John had owned the cabin on
the lake for years and when they relocated to the states,
they decided to hang on to it figuring it might be a
retirement option for them later on. Amy told me that it
would be an ideal place to inspire me to write my book
and help heal some lingering personal hurts. Amy and her
husband had not used the cabin in years and all she asked
was that I clean up around place and stack some wood for
next winter since they planned on getting up there for

Amy had drawn me a detailed map, made a list of how to
turn on the water, electricity and told me to make sure I
arrived in the daylight because it's so dark at night I'd
never find the roads. Perfect I thought. All by myself to
think things over and get my life back on track. My life
has been on hold since the divorce and now with two
glorious months on my hands, I might even be able to
start that book I've put off for so long.

The trip from Ohio to the Northern Ontario cabin by car
was twelve hours and I decided to stop overnight Toronto
to take in the sights before heading up north to the
cabin. Amy was right. The lake was so peaceful and the
forests were breathtaking. The cabin looked a little run
down but rather quaint and definitely inhabitable. It had
a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a cozy sitting area with
a large stone fireplace and two large windows one on each
side that afforded a clear view of the lake.

The cabin did have some luxuries, a satellite dish
antenna, a fridge and stove, a small shower and simple
furniture. The location was breath taking. The cabin was
on the edge of a Lake Resolve surrounded by dense forest,
very private and secluded.

It was around four in the afternoon when I got there and
I decided get my things unpacked and go over the
checklist Amy made for me. All of that now done, what
now? Here I am all alone and excited about the new
adventure reassuring myself that this had been a good

After fixing something to eat I decided to try out the
TV. Amy was right, there were only two snowy local
channels but there was always the VCR. Amy told me about
the general store and they had some videos I could rent.
I decided to venture out there tomorrow. I made a nice
cup of coffee, sat on the deck and enjoyed the view of
the sun going down.

There was a telescope in the cabin and I set it up
outside and scanned the shoreline for civilization just
before the water extinguished the light of the setting
sun. I could see other cottages spotted along the lake in
between trees and most were very secluded. This was so
beautiful I thought. I went in and slipped into my robe,
and with nothing on underneath, I settled back on the
rocking chair outside on the deck and listened to the

The night before when I was in Toronto the bright lights
of the X rated video store signs caught my attention and
I figured what the hell, nobody knows me here, I bought a
couple of XXX rated movies to add to my growing
collection figuring it would be a long summer. I decided
that tomorrow night I'd watch one and fuck myself into
frenzy. God I needed it I thought to myself. It had been
at least two years since I was fucked. I'm thinking to
myself, what a looser. I've gone out on three dates since
my divorce and all three turned out to be jerks.

Here I am at the prime of my life and I have to resort to
vibrators and fingers. Ah that reminds me, good thing I
brought it. There was no one around to bug me, and no one
around to worry about. The night was so siren and the
half moon glimmering over the quiet water. I stood out on
the porch and let my robe open free to enjoy the night.
The air was warm but my nipples still went instantly
erect and aching to be touched.

I thought about my body, and for thirty, I didn't look
too bad. Most say I look much younger since I'm only
5'5", 125 pounds. I keep my blond hair shoulder length
and my best features are my face and legs. My
measurements are 32c, 25, and 36. I'm rather on the small
side everywhere except I think my butt is too wide, at
least for my size anyway. I try not to let the fact that
I have small breasts bother me, but I do wear padded bras
and overall I guess I'm not too bad. Strange thing is
lately, when I masturbate in front of the mirror, the
sight of my small breasts almost flat and boyish really
turns me on.

Since the divorce, I've begun to notice other woman. As
confusing as it sounds, it sort of turns me on. On
occasion I would admire the way they dress, check out
their legs and sometimes try to imagine what they would
look like in just a bra and panties. For about a year now
I've dismissed these thoughts as just plain old not
getting any sex and I'm horny as hell.

What really confuses me is I have some of those images in
my mind's eye when I finger myself into frenzy. I've even
considered exploring these emotions further but I'd be
scared shitless to actually act on it. I retreated back
into the cabin and as habit has it, I slipped my fingers
deep inside my damp pussy, and for the next twenty
minutes or so, I considered the possibilities.

The next morning I had coffee out on the deck spent and
the rest of the day getting acquainted with my new
surroundings. I unlocked the shed and dragged the canoe
out to the dock. I did a little dusting in the cabin and
aired the place out and found a fishing pole and some
tackle. There were some people on the lake and at nearby
cabins so I decided to take the canoe out for a little
spin around the shoreline.

About half way around the lake I noticed a picturesque
little cove and steered the canoe towards it. It's so
lovely I thought. I brought my little note pad and a pen
in case I had any brilliant ideas for my book and I
thought to myself, I could really get some serious
thinking done around here. Maybe I could figure out how
to get out of this mental funk I'm in.

As I rounded the edge of some large rocks, not more than
500 feet from me and nested in amongst the trees was a
pretty little cottage and from my vantage point I could
see someone coming out onto the deck and laying on a
lounge. I had to take a second look. Did I see what I
thought I saw? Lying on the deck was a nude woman soaking
up the sun. What the hell I thought. I felt instant panic
as if I had intruded on some ones privacy.

In my panic to try and turn around, the paddle made
splashing noises and to my embarrassment, she raised her
head and saw me. How embarrassing I thought. The woman
waved and I clumsily returned the wave. She motioned me
to come over and with that she slipped on a robe and
stood up. I clumsily paddled up to the dock as she
strolled down the short path to greet me. "Hello there"
she said, "You're new up here."

"Yes I am," I replied smiling. "I didn't expect to find
anyone around here, I'm terribly sorry if I disturbed
you. I didn't see your cottage until I rounded those
rocks." I sounded like a blubbering idiot.

"No problem, it's always nice to meet new folks," she
said. "I'm Jan, Jan Harris, can I interest you in a cup
of coffee or something?" she asked.

I was trying not to stare at her near naked body.
Nervously I said, "Yes I'd like that, thanks." I tied the
canoe to the dock and climbed up.

Jan appeared to be in her late 40s to early 50s, she was
nicely tanned, and had a nice shape for a woman her age.
I was sure that underneath that robe, this woman was
completely nude. If were me in her situation, I would've
scrambled inside but that was me I guess. "This is quite
a setup you have here," I commented. "I'm Rose Brooks," I
said and reached out as we shook hands.

Her bronze tanned hand felt dry and callused most likely
from too much gardening and not enough moisturizer, but
never the less she was friendly. We walked up to the deck
and Jan said just a second I'll be right back with the

"It's nice here," I said looking around and commenting to
her as she slid open, the screen door.

"Yes we love it here. We don't get many visitors so it
can get lonely at times but there's always something to
keep busy with," she explained.

I thought to myself, yes like lying around nude, and I
smiled to myself at the thought. We sat and sipped coffee
and I told her how nice it was of Amy and John to let me
use their cabin. I hope to be inspired to write a book
this month but if I got bored, I'd head back home.

"Well Rose I'm sure you'll find enough around here to
keep you busy. If you get bored, come on over and I'll
show you some of the local caves and the local bar."

"You're kidding, there's actually a social scene around
here," I said sarcastically.

"Of course there is," she replied with a friendly tone.
"Mind you I'm about the youngest babe around here and I'm
52. During the summer months a lot of wives stay up here.
Some of the husbands are retired and some like my husband
take four and five-day weekends to be here. During the
week, he stays in the city. We have some thing going on
all the time up here," she explained.

"I had no idea really," I said in amazement. "I didn't
realize there were so many people around here."

"You'd be surprised what goes on up here," she said with
a smirk.

Jan seemed very nice. During our second cup of coffee
though, I noticed her robe loosen and open slightly. I
couldn't see part of her bare breasts and could tell she
wasn't wearing anything underneath. I could see her
crossed legs through the glass top table and thought to
myself they certainly were one of her best features. Jan
looked to be in reasonably good physical shape.

She seemed so self-assured and confident in the way she
spoke. She had only one grown daughter and Jan had been
married for 35 years. She told me she was always
interested in art and a few years ago she took a few
lessons. She spends most of her time painting.

"I love art as well," I told her. "I couldn't paint if I
tried but I love Monet, his colors are so brilliant."

She smiled and nodded in agreement. I took an instant
liking to her. I told Jan about my ideas I had for my
first book and I was teacher and divorced. "Say Rose
tomorrow I was going over to the old cave mill to paint.
How would you like to join me? I'll bring a picnic lunch,
you can bring a good book and we can soak up some sun
while I paint. This place is beautiful," she said with
excitement. "What do you say?"

"Well sure I guess that sounds like fun."

"It's settled then. I'll come by with the boat around

We had chatted for what seemed only minutes but I glanced
at my watch and noticed it was almost one! "Dear me! It's
one already, where has the time gone? I really need to
get going. Thanks for the coffee Jan and it was nice to
meet you," I said.

"Tomorrow will be fun," she said. "We can catch some

"I'd like to see some of your paintings sometimes," I
commented. With that I climbed into the canoe and gently
paddled away.

My thoughts were reeling from one mental image of Jan to
another. All the time we were chatting, she captured my
interest. I tried not to be obvious when I looked at her
sitting across from me in her loosened robe and me
knowing she was wearing nothing underneath. I thought of
her legs and how sexy they looked through the clear glass
table as she crossed and uncrossed her legs each time
causing her robe shift just a little to allow it to ride
higher up her thighs and reveal some more.

What the hell was going on with me? Shit this was crazy.
Last night I was finger fucking myself to the images of
porno video queens and today I'm getting wet over a woman
almost twice my age. Shit never mind the age dam it, it's
another woman, what the hell am I thinking? I had to
admit she had a definite effect on me. As I paddled the
canoe as fast as I could, I was feeling that familiar
tingling in my pussy and when I looked down, oh my God! I
was wet down there. Oh shit! I hope she didn't notice.
God I'm so embarrassed.

That night as I skinny-dipped in the lake to take a bath,
I couldn't help thinking about the day's events. I
wondered if she was serous about catching some sun? Did
she mean in the nude? I fingered myself to sleep that
night with the thoughts of Jan rubbing sun tan oil all
over me.

During breakfast I questioned myself. I realized being up
here on my own allows one to do some deep soul searching
and self-talk. Did I really find Jan attractive, I mean
in a sexual way? I was never into woman except of course
in fantasies sometimes, but I didn't think that counted,
did it? I would sure like to find out more about it
sometime. At some point in my life I'd like to explore
the other side I thought.

I was looking forward to exploring the lake and I had
packed my sunscreen, towel, note pad, pen and sunshades.
I spent the rest of the morning planning out what chores
I could do around this place. Like clockwork, she was
right on time. I heard Jan shouting from the dock, "hey!
Rose, what's up?" I waved back as she brought the boat
over to the dock and tied it off.

Today she was wearing a straw hat, a bikini top that
showed off her large at least 36d size breasts, and a
pair of kaki short shorts that showed off the rest of
her. I knew she had her bikini bottoms on underneath
because I could clearly see the outline of her bottoms
through her shorts. Her tits sagged a little and bounced
as she climbed up the stone steps from the dock to the
cabin and I noticed her thighs were wide bigger than my
own but solid none the less. Her legs were defiantly her
best feature. I couldn't help notice as she sauntered up
the path how attractive this woman was for her age. I'm
thinking wow! That is one set of tits!

We made some small talk and I showed her some of the
things I was planning on doing around the place. Jan was
genuinely interested and commented how she had been here
years ago before Amy and John moved to the states. They
knew them only casually. "You have everything? She asked.
I nodded and we jumped into the boat.

The boat was just a small aluminum fishing boat with a
small engine. We slowly trolled along the shore and Jan
pointed out several points of interest. We cruised slowly
by a swimming dock just in front of an A frame style
cottage and a young girl waved to us and shouted out,
"Hey Mrs. Harris!"

"Who's that?" I asked.

"It's Emily Anderson, Julie and Bill's daughter, she
said. Her and her Mum stay up for the summer every year.
Emily works at the general store a couple days a week."

We pulled into a secluded cove as close to shore as
possible and waded in the rest of the way pulling the
boat onto the sandy shore. "This place is enchanting," I

"I told you you'd love it here," she said, pleased with
herself that she was right. We found a nice flat spot
atop some huge rocks. There were four large pools of
water where the rocks had formed and water overflowed
from one pool to another and then onto the lake. The
water in those pools was as warm as a hot tub.

"I come here all the time," Jan said. "The water is so
warm I sometimes soak and bathe in there for hours
sometimes." We spread out a large blanket and Jan raised
the wicker basket as if to say let dig in. She pulled out
two plates, forks, two stemmed wine glasses, and a
chilled bottle of Reunite. As we nibbled on our
sandwiches and salads the wine went down like ice-cold
water on a deserted island. I couldn't help but be amazed
how beautiful this place was. The sound of the birds and
the view of the water made it seem more like our own
private paradise.

After lunch we sipped our wine and just took in the day.
"Last night I heard something outside," I told Jan, "I
was scared shitless."

She laughed. "It can get scary sometimes you never know
what lurks outside your door at night," Jan said in a
funny eerie tone of voice.

We both laughed and finished our drinks. I enjoyed having
company and especially Jan's company. It's been a long
time since I've been able to open up a little and sitting
with Jan was very refreshing. I hardly knew this woman
but even so, I thought she was a warm and sensitive

The rest of the afternoon Jan painted the rock formations
on a canvas and I actually started writing some thoughts
down for my book. Jan had situated herself about 20 feet
behind me up on a large rock and I was lying on my tummy,
down on the blanket propped up with my arms, facing the
water working on my tan.

I turned around to ask Jan how it's going and to my
surprise, she was sitting on a rock behind her easel with
her top off. "Oh my gosh!" I said out loud

"I hope you don't mind," she laughed. "I hate tan lines,"
she said casually and continued to paint. "It is a free
country you know," emphasizing the word free as she
spoke. "You should try it sometime, it's very

"I would I guess but I'm a little embarrassed."

"Embarrassed about what silly?" she mocked, "It's only us
girls for heavens sake."

"Easy for you to say," I said. "You have tits to bare,
me, I'm flat as board, I hate them." By now I was feeling
very self-conscious of the whole situation.

"Well if its any consolation Rose, I think you have very
nice tits, and besides, they'll never sag when you get to
be my age. Lighten up," she said humorously, "you're on

I wanted to. I really wanted to bare it all I was
thinking. With that, I sat up and nervously removed my
top. The sun felt wonderful on my breasts. I felt proud
of myself to muster up the courage and I was getting very

Jan continued to paint and commented, "Now, doesn't that
feel much better?"

I must have dozed off because when I awoke, Jan was
laying on her tummy on the blanket beside me eyes closed
and enjoying the sun as I was. We lay there in the sun
for a while both of us in a half sleep just enjoying the
day and Jan rose and climbed up into the rocks and jumped
into the water. I heard a splash and decided to join her.

"The water's warm," I commented as I eased in and we
kidded and splashed around. I tried not looking at Jan's
tits but that was easier said than done. This whole
experience had already had an effect on me. When I get
back today I'm going to make myself come silly, I
thought. Maybe I'm just too much of a prude. I should
just accept this situation for what it is, a casual and
private swim with a friend, and besides, I am on

We got out of the water and gathered our things. "Jan,
that was the most relaxing time I've ever had. I'm having
so much fun. Thanks for bringing me here," I said

"Your welcome sweetie," I knew you'd like it, there's
always something to do around here."

"Hey let me look at your painting," I asked.

Jan had painted the rock formation that she was facing
and on the ground she painted in the blanket and the
picnic basket, the bottle of wine and two glasses. I also
noticed she had started to outline a figure. It would be
the image of me lying on my tummy on the blanket. "Oh Jan
that's so beautiful." I said.

"We'll need to come back and finish it sometime," she
said. Just then I felt a rush of emotion and a tear came
to my eye and I lifted my head to face Jan and gave her a
hug and said "thanks." Realizing only then that our
chests were bare and had brushed against each other for
just a few moments. For a moment I felt a rush of
pleasure deep in my lions.

On the boat ride back I joked with Jan and asked if she
always hangs around half nude and she laughed and said,
"Any time I think I can get away with it."

"I guess I'm quiet a prude," I told her. "I've lived a
sheltered life but I did go skinny dipping one time with
my girlfriend Sarah when I was around eleven or twelve.
Does that count?"

Jan laughed, "Ok we'll give it to you." She dropped me
off at the cabin and said she would be going home for a
couple of days for a family wedding and should be back
with her husband sometime next week. The rest of the day
I cleaned up around the place and then decided to drive
to the general store for milk, bread, some snacks and
maybe rent a video.

"Hi!" came an enthusiastic and chipper greeting. "You're
the lady that's living at the old Jenkins place right?"

"Ah, yes I am. I'm Rose. Rose Brooks."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Brooks my name is Emily Anderson.

"Please, just call me Rose, and I'm not married." I said.
"How did you know where I lived?"

"I overheard my Mom and Dad talking about you last week.
That a friend of the Jenkins was going to using the cabin
for the summer."

Emily was a thin tall girl about 5'8". Her hair was jet
black and pulled back into a ponytail. She was a pretty
girl and looked like a typical teenager complete with
gothic style makeup. "Actually I saw you today with Mrs.
Harris, I was the one on the swimming deck waving this
morning remember?"

"Yes of course, I guess you work here?" I asked.

"Yep, a couple of days during the week and on the
weekends. Keeps me in gas money and helps me from getting
too bored," she said.

"Well, it was nice to meet you," I said. "See you next

The next day was another wonderful day. The sun was
shinning and after a light breakfast of fruit and bran
flakes, I settled down at my laptop and actually started
write my thoughts to page. In the last few days I had
figured out a main plot, identified some of my
characters, and had roughed out chapter one. It was going
to be a spy thriller.

My experience of such a wonderful day with Jan was still
fresh in my mind and each time I thought about her I
became excited. The other thing was these new thoughts
and feelings I began experiencing the past few days.
Thoughts of Jan and her casual attitude towards nudity
had me intrigued. Was I attracted to her as in sexual way
or was I infatuated with her because of her charm and
wit. Today I was confused about my newly aroused bi-
sexual feelings. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. The
clean air and sun was relaxing and for the first time in
years I was feeling good about myself.

So, I thought, what was I going to do today? I thought of
Jan and realized that last thing I wanted to do was
interpret her the wrong way and risk embarrassing myself.
I wondered if Jan was a lesbian, after all, she was
married! Was she trying to come on to me, is she just
being nice.

I was never very good at reading people. Oh well I
thought, I'll just play it by ear and either way I'll
consider her a friend. By noon I couldn't resist. My mind
was hell bent on going back to the secret cove and
explore. I packed some snacks, ice and I figured four
beers, should be enough. Lets see, book, lotion, beer,
ice, junk food, that's it. I loaded the canoe and paddled

I was getting familiar with the lake's shoreline and as
long as I kept close to the shore I could get around.
With skill I pulled the canoe up to the shore and laid my
stuff and blanket out and popped open a cold beer. I
explored the area and saw some foot trails leading into
the woods. They looked like cool bike trails and wished I
had a bike to check them out but I wasn't going in there

After rubbing some sunscreen on, I looked around and
considered removing my top. What the hell, there's no one
out here. Without a second thought, it was gone. The sun
felt warm to my skin. Looking around and seeing that I
was alone, I slipped out of my shorts and bikini bottoms
and I instantly felt free. I rubbed lotion all over my
naked body and especially on my breasts.

The last thing I want is a burn on these sensitive little
babies I though. I found a comfy spot on the blanket, put
my walk-man headphones on, and lay on my back to relax
and enjoy the warm energy rays of the sun.

Meanwhile Emily saw and recognized Rose as she paddled
past her parent's and cottage figured out that she might
be going to the cave pools. Thoughts flashed through her
mind as she remembered all the things she learned there.

Beth, the daughter of friends of the family was three
years older than her and at fourteen, Beth was much more
developed than Emily. Beth spent two summers with them
when Emily was eleven and twelve. When you're only
eleven, a fourteen year old seems all grown up. Both
girls would ride their bikes on the trails and one day
they found this perfect spot.

One thing would lead to another and after a few dares,
both girls mustered up the courage to go skinny-dipping.
Emily was always amazed at how much more developed Beth
was. Beth had hair on her pussy and her breasts were more
than just two bumps underneath her T-shirts. Beth would
always reassure Emily that one day her tits would be big
and would probably have a sexier body than her. Both
those summers, the girls were inseparable.

Emily had a hunch and hoped that Rose might be going
there. "Mom, I'm going out for a bike ride, see you
later," she said in a raised voice as she mounted her
bike and headed toward the trails.

On the way she reflected back on all the fun her and Beth
had sneaking up and spying on people. Some would just
come and explore the cave with nothing interesting
happening and other times boy friend with girl friend
couples would come and neck. That was cool. Emily still
gets horniest when she's peeking. The best peeking was
when Mrs. Harris would go there. The first time she saw
Mrs. Harris there she was with her husband. They looked
around for a while then left.

After that Mrs. Harris would come a lot and always by
herself. She always took her clothes off and would either
paint or just lay and suntan. Sometimes she would take a
bath in the cave pools. Mrs. Harris was old but Beth and
Emily liked watching her lather her body and shampoo her
hair. Mrs. Harris had the biggest set of tits Emily had
ever seen. Beth and Emily couldn't keep their eyes off

Sometimes they would lie perfectly still in the trees for
hours watching in amazement. From that spot Beth and
Emily had their first lessons on sex. Emily remembered
how bushy Mrs. Harris's pussy was and then one day it was
bald and smooth just like hers. If anyone caught them
there, they would be in big trouble so the girls vowed to
keep anything they saw or did their secret. Both girls
shared the same bedroom in the cottage; each had their
own beds.

By the second summer, after a peeping session on Mrs.
Harris, the girls giggled and talked about her in bed one
night. It was on that night that Beth showed Emily how to
get herself off. Beth told her that when she gets all
sticky and funny feeling down there, to put her fingers
in her pussy and that makes it feel good. Eventually both
girls started to practice kiss and play with each other
and got pretty good at it.

Now it wasn't long before Emily reached the cave pools
and snuck to the edge of the tree line with caution as
she had done so many times before. With anticipation she
saw her there. Her hunch was correct. Emily was amazed at
the sight of Rose. She looked so sexy lying there. Emily
could see that Rose's breasts were almost flat and
reminded her of her own. She noticed that Rose looked
almost boyish but yet sexy. She could see Rose's neatly
shaven pussy, a narrow patch just above the slit, and she
made a mental note to try that sometime.

Emily quietly undid her jean shorts and slipped her hand
down to her pussy as she had in this very spot so many
times before. She came fast, hot, and hard and she wished
Beth could be here to help her along.

Emily wanted to talk to Rose again. She wondered if it
was such a good idea just now but after thinking about
how to approach her, she figured on just riding her bike
off the path and into the clearing. It would give Rose
enough time to see her coming and cover up. Unfortunately
for Rose, her headphones prevented her from hearing
Emily's approach and it wasn't until Emily had rode
across and momentarily blocked Rose's sun did Rose open
her eyes.

I was in a half sleep and was suddenly startled by a
voice. "Hey Rose,"

"Oh my God!" I screamed, "oh my God, oh my God!" In a
panic I searched for my top or something, for anything to
cover up with but couldn't find anything. Feeling really
stupid, and in a panic, I crossed my arms over my chest
to cover up.

"I'm sorry if I surprised you," said a familiar voice.

"Oh uh, hi Emily," was all I could blurt out. "Oh my God
I'm so embarrassed. You startled me," I said nervously
still looking around for something to cover up with. I
was thinking where the hell is my top dam it?

As if she could read my mind, "It's right behind you,"
she said.

"Thanks." After a few moments of panic, I asked, "So what
brings you here?"

"I come here all the time," she said. I've been coming
here since I was eleven."

"I didn't think anyone knew about this spot," feeling
stupid after I had said it.

"Everyone around here knows about the cave, I come here
all the time to think and hang out," Emily told me.

"How old are you anyway?" I asked.

"I'll be seventeen next month," she said proudly. "I'll
be in the twelfth grade." Which is how the Canadians
describe their senior year I gathered.

"You in college?" she asked. "Thanks but no, I'm thirty
years old. That must seem ancient to you," I said.

"No not really. You look so much younger," she
complimented mew.

"Uh Listen Emily, I'm sorry about what you saw, I thought
I was all alone here," I said so as not to scare her off.
"I hope you're not offended," I said apologetically.

"Ah it's ok, I do it all the time."

"What sneak up on people who are sun tanning topples?" I
said jokingly.

"I tan nude here all the time!" she said.

"Really?" I asked. "Ya, Beth and me used to skinny dip
and nude tan all the time."

"Really!" was all I could say. "Who's Beth?"

"She was my best friend."

"Weren't you afraid of getting caught, like you caught

"Well I guess we were at first but I was only eleven
years old when we first started. After awhile we hoped
that someone would see us. It was sort of a turn on," She

"You're kidding right?" I asked.

"No," she said.

It seemed that Emily had explored every nook and cranny
on this lake and offered to show me around if I liked. We
talked for a while and she seemed like a normal 16-year
old. Her Mom, like many others live at the lake during
the summer and her father comes up on the weekends.
Fortunately for Emily, the general store gave her a part
time job for the summer so that she could earn and still
come to the lake.

"Don't you miss your friends at home?" I asked her.

"I don't really have many friends. Most kids don't like
me very much."

"No way!" I said, "You seem like a nice person, I like

"Gee thanks," see said, "you're pretty cool yourself."

I thought she was blushing when I told her that.

"Beth couldn't make it this year," she told me. "She has
to work. She's already in college. I got a lucky break
with the general store so I came up with Mum," she
explained. "Maybe we can be friends." I said.

"Mind if I catch a few rays with you?" Emily asked.

"No not at all," I said and I patted the blanket for her
to sit down.

"I have the day off today so I have all afternoon," she
said. Emily removed her Tee shirt and revealed more of
her young firm body. She wasn't built much bigger than I.
My breasts were as small as hers but then again I'm 30
and she's only sixteen. Her tits looked perfect on her.
Her body was nicely formed and I envied her youth. She
was wearing a pair of kaki shorts and a hot pink bikini
top that looked awesome on her. Truly Botticelli had her
in mind when he sculpted the statue of God Venus I
thought. I handed Emily the sunscreen and I reached for a
beer. "I'd offer you one but I think you'd get in

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," she replied so I gave
her one. She gulped it down almost all at once.

"Hey Emily, you're going to get wasted like that."

"Sorry," was all she said. We talked for a while and she
told me about the caves and trails. I told her I didn't
have a bike but maybe she could show me some of the caves
some time. She looked very pleased that I would ask her.

She slipped her shorts off revealing a skimpy and sexy
bikini. She rubbed sunscreen on her front and asked if I
would do her back. Secretly I admitted I wanted to. I
rubbed the sunscreen on her back and shoulders. I did her
thighs tried not to get too close to her pussy when I
rubbed her upper legs. I rubbed the oily solution along
her back again and down the side of her chest barely
brushing her small tits through her top.

This is one little sexy vixen I thought to myself. I gave
her a light slap on her leg and said, "all done!" "You
mind getting my back?" I asked. I lay down on my tummy
and she worked her hands on my back and shoulders. Her
hands glided like silk over my legs and thighs and back
to my shoulders. When she moved back down to the tops of
my legs. I spread my thighs open a little, trying not to
be obvious about it, hoping she would go in just a little

She started rubbing my shoulders again, "Ah that feels
soooo good," I said letting out an involuntary moan.
"Where did you learn to give messages? You can give me a
rub down anytime," feeling totally stupid after saying
it. I thought. God, I am stupid. She's going to think I'm
a pervert or something.

"Beth and me read some books on message therapy and we
practiced on each other, she explained. "I'm thinking of
going for sports therapy."

"Well I think you're pretty good at," was all I could

"Thanks," she replied. "If you want, I can give you my
five minute special. They say practice makes perfect."
Before I could answer Emily had already began her routine
and explaining what she was doing and for what muscle.

The five minutes seemed like hours. I was experiencing
euphoria. My sexual desires were boiling over and I knew
that if I rolled over my wet spot would give me away.
Sometimes Emily's fingers would inadvertently get caught
up under my bikini bottoms and that would just help my
lust boil even more.

All the while, Emily was explaining her technique and
then she straddled me, sitting upright on my butt. This
she said would allow her to transfer all her weight to
her hands. Her legs were touching mine and her body felt
hot on my skin. Did she know what she was doing to me?
God I was getting really hot. This whole experience was
unbelievable. I'm getting an awesome message by a sexy
young girl and we're both topless at that. Shit they'd
never believe what's been happening to me back home.

Shit! What am I saying? I better not tell anyone about
this at all.

Emily had finished and asked me, what I thought? "That
was great, maybe I can return the favor sometime but I'm
afraid I'm not as good as you." I said hoping she would
take me up on it. I think at that point I crossed the
line. I wanted this girl. I knew this was wrong. Having
sexual feelings for Jan, and now for Emily, these were
new emotions for me and I decided if the opportunity came
up, I was going to fuck this young thing. Still topless
Emily spoke and broke my train of thought. "Beth and me
gave ourselves messages all the time," she said. "Beth
called it practice time."

"Well," I said, "I think you'll make a good masseur."

"So Emily, are there any guys around here?"

"Are you kidding," the youngest guy around here is over
fifty, most of the guys stay home and work and stuff,
none of the teenagers come up any more except maybe for a

"Do you have a boy friend?" I asked her. She looked at me
and then leaned her head down a little and said, "No,
most guys are jerks," she said. "All the guys at school
go after the girls with big boobs, not to many go after

"Sounds like how it was when I was in school, it hasn't
changed much I guess." I told her. "As you can see, I'm
pretty much lacking in that area," I told her, "but
you're still growing. I've got about all I'm going to get
out of these babies," I said and we both laughed.

Emily went on to tell me about school, boys, her likes
and dislikes, and sports. As she spoke I noticed how her
skin was now oily and glisten in the sun.
She was cute and animated when she spoke. I got the
distinct impression Emily was flirting with me. I
suggested we go for a swim. "I think all this hot sun and
talk of boys is getting me hot and bothered." I sat up
and ran into the rock pool water and hoped she wouldn't
see my wet spot on my bikini bottoms.

Emily joined me in the water. "They should name this Lake
Topless," I joked, "I think everyone I've met around here
including me is into topless swimming."

Emily didn't seem shy at all. I was more nerved than she
and I began to wonder who was teasing who.

"Do you skinny dip a lot here Emily?"

"All the time, but during the day there are too many
folks that come by, Beth and me found another spot last
year that's off the trails."

"More privacy than this! Can you take me there some
time?" I asked enchanted by how casual she was about this
whole event. "Maybe we should put our tops back on before
someone sees us?" I said.

"I don't see anyone around," Emily said smiling, and with
that she pulled off her bikini bottoms. Not to be out
done by a kid, I did the same and slipped out of mine. I
tried to be casual as I waded around in the water. "Do
you do this with all the strange woman you meet?" I asked
with a flirting tone of voice.

"Only the ones that turn me on," she said, staring
directly into my eyes. I thought she was truly beautiful,
God I wanted her, what was I thinking? I'm not supposed
to feel that way towards another woman, towards a kid!
This is nuts! I pondered the feelings for a few moments
and attributed them to the fact that I hadn't been laid
in two years. I moved closer to her in the water and
asked, "Would it be ok if I kissed you?"

"Yeah, I'd like that," she said in a whispered voice and
her mouth opened to receive my probing tongue.

We kissed and felt each other up for a few minutes and I
probed her tight pussy with my fingers. She told me she
was so horny but I realized Emily was a minor and if
someone saw us I could be in deep shit!

"We can't do this here Emily," and reluctantly we both
got dressed and decided to meet later. God we were so hot
for each other. I never felt a passion so strong and I
could see that Emily was trembling.

"I've never done anything like this with an older woman,"
she said.

"Have you ever been with another girl before?" I asked.

"Maybe. Have you ever been with another woman before?"
she asked me.

"Well not exactly. I've been nude around other woman
before," I said with a quizzical look on my face. "Why?"

"Yesterday I went biking and saw you and Hrs. Harris
here," Emily said with a little smile on her face. "She
has huge tits doesn't she?" she asked.

"That's for sure, you little spy," I said grabbing her
and wrestling her to the ground. "We didn't do anything,"
I quickly added.

"I know," Emily said and I leaned into her and kissed her
on the lips. Our mouths opened quickly to accept each
others probing tongues. Emily wrapped her arms around me
and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. Oh God I was on
fire! I had to come up for air. "Where did you learn to
kiss like that?"

"Practice," she said smiling.

"With who? Other girls?"

"Maybe," she replied teasingly.

For the next few days, I only saw Emily when I went to
the general store. She got some additional hours and
wanted to earn the money. Me on the other hand, I dreamt
about fucking her with my vibrator and wondering just how
much girl-girl action she's had and with whom. Jan came
back to the lake and her husband stayed up a long
weekend. She invited me over for diner and I had a chance
to meet Doug. You know how one sometimes imagines what
someone's spouse might look like?

Well Doug and Jan just didn't look like they were a
couple. Doug was really quite boring and sort of nerdy.
No wonder she leaves him home alone and comes up to the
lake. I told Jan I had met Emily down at the store and
she took me exploring on some of the hiking paths but I
didn't tell her any details. "She a cute little thing
isn't she" Jan commented. "Nice girls her and Beth" Jan
stated. "I'm sure she told you all about Beth. She's as
good as lost without her around I think."

That week I met Emily's parents and we had a drink
together at the local watering hole. They are a nice
couple and we got along great. Emily's Mom said if I ever
needed anything just get a hold of her from the general
store, they know the number or if Emily is there, just
let her know. Little did they know that their little
Emily had already given me what I needed? The next few
days were great days to work on my book.

My mind ran wild with creative ideas for the book and I
had thoughts of Emily and me in bed. I wasn't sure I
could ever work it to see Emily alone again but if
there's a will, there's a way. I decided to drive up to
the general store and rent The Sent of A Woman video and
also to have a chance to see Emily.

The store was pretty quiet and Rose and Emily had a
chance to talk for a while. Emily's parents were headed
home for the night tomorrow. Her Dad would stay back in
the city again and her Mom would return back the
following day. Emily told her parents she needed the
money and didn't want to miss a day of work. It was
Saturday and they had her scheduled all day. She wanted
to stay back and work since she'd be home alone for only
one night they agreed but her Mom would have someone
check in on Emily to make sure she'd be all right.

I knew what she had in mind and I suggested to Emily to
check with her mother and that she would be welcome to
stay at the cabin with me. Tell her I'd enjoy the company
and you'd have an adult watching over you.

We laughed and she said she'd give it try. What a
brilliant plan. The next morning Emily's Mom drove by and
asked me if it would be ok with me. She's sixteen and
they've left her before but she'd feel better knowing
Emily wasn't alone at night. I agreed to have Emily over,
we had an iced tea together and she was on her way. That
day my excitement was overwhelming.

I went up to the general store and picked up a case of
wine coolers and winked at Emily as she rung me out. We
both knew that after tonight, nothing would be the same.

Emily arrived a little after six. I had prepared a salad
and put a couple of steaks on the grill. I could see that
Emily was nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach as
well. We kissed passionately and that put us both at
ease. During diner we had a couple of wine coolers but
neither of us needed any encouragement.

We cleaned up the dishes and went into the bedroom to
slip on something more comfortable. Emily saw my lingerie
drawer and was dying to try some on. "We're about the
same size Rose let me try some on?" she asked.

"Sure Emily anything you want."

We undressed and dressed each other in different outfits
and kidding around, we posed like a couple of sluts. We
talked like best friends at a sleep over. "So what are
some of the things you and Beth did around here?" I asked
flopping down on the bed.

Emily told stories of how they would explore the caves
and trails. Some of the best games were spying games.

"What were your spying games?" I asked with interest.

"No way, you don't want to know."

"Yes I do, come on, I'll tell you some secret stuff I did
when I was a kid."

"Ok well we used to sneak up some of the other kids
around here and catch them doing stuff they weren't
suppose to do you know like drinking or smoking. Stuff
like that. I was only eleven. We'd get ice cream and
candies bought for us to keep us quiet but then one night
it got real interesting. There's something you should
know about Mrs. Harris."

"Really! What?"

"Well one night we were sneaking around her place. Beth
was fifteen and I was twelve. Beth knew everything about
anything I Thought. You know at night if you have lights
on in your cottage you can't see anyone outside right?"

I nodded and then realized what I had done a couple of
nights ago and made a mental note to keep the lights off
since there's no dam drapes in the place. Mrs. Harris was
stark naked on her couch watching porno movies.

"Wow that's hot!"

"Ya that's what we thought to. She had a real big set of
tits and we were only used to seeing each other's. We
must have been outside her window for almost an hour
watching her and the TV. We could see the TV better than
we could see Mrs. Harris because of the big arm rests on
her sofa but still we caught a pretty good peek. Man we
were horny."

"So what did you do?"

"There were bunk beds in my room and Beth and I shared
the same room when she visited. That night for the first
time we both had an orgasm. I've been playing with myself
ever since."

I've never done anything like that before," I told her.
"Actually I've never told anyone one this but when I was
around eleven or twelve my friend Sarah and I went skinny
dipping in her pool one night. I remember how skinny and
flat we were. It was pretty funny now that I think about
it. Anyway, we had to be quiet so her parents wouldn't
hear us. When we got out of the pool it was so cold we
both wrapped ourselves in a huge towel butt naked
touching chest to chest holding ourselves tightly to keep

She paused for a moment, "I know this isn't as exciting
as your stories but after that, Sarah and I would have
sleepovers and we would pet and feel each other up. That
was my only girl-girl experience until you came along

I looked at the pretty teenager for a moment and then
asked, "So what else happened with you guys?"

"Well, sometimes we'd go over to Mrs. Harris's place
because she wanted to practice painting humans and wanted
us to be her models. All we would have to do is lay
around and sun tan and try not to move too much. To be
honest, Beth and I liked going over there because we
could drink as much Pepsi as we wanted, and we were
hoping to sneak a look at her big tits again."

"So what happened there?" I asked.

"Every time Beth and I went over, Mrs. Harris insisted we
have enough sunscreen on so as not to burn. She would
always be the one rubbing it on us when we were there, or
she'd make us rub it on each other while she watched. A
lot of times she wanted us to rub sunscreen on her so she
wouldn't burn. Beth and I liked feeling her body when we
spread the sunscreen on." Emily laughed at the memory of

"And later, when Beth and I were alone, we would rub and
pet our pussies until we came. Usually she would let us
take turns rubbing her with sunscreen. I never had the
nerve to feel her tits or pussy but Beth always did when
she thought I wasn't looking. On one occasion her friend
from art class was staying with her for a few days and
both of them wanted to paint us. Her friend looked
younger than Mrs. Harris and pretty skinny. When her
friend was there, Mrs. Harris wouldn't let us rub any
sunscreen on her, and her friend mostly wore a wrap or
cover up from the sun. I thought that was different."

She paused reflectively, "After those three days, we
never saw her friend again. That summer Mrs. Harris would
ask Beth more than me to rub sunscreen on her. I finally
figured that Mrs. Harris had the hots for Beth because
she was three years older than me and had some nubs for
tits. Secretly I felt a little jealous. Beth wouldn't
admit it but I think she wanted to have sex with her.

"With all this talk I'm so fucking horny I want to fuck
you," I said. With that we leaned into each other
touching and lying side to side on the bed and began to
finish what we had both started back at the cave.

My thoughts and emotions were racing a mile a minute. My
heart was about to pound right out of its cavity Her kiss
felt so good and warm. My pussy felt hot and sticky. Oh
my God we were so hot for each other. I was the gentle
aggressor and Emily willingly submitted to me. We
undressed slowly savoring our bodies with our eyes and
devouring each other with our tongues. I sucked on
breasts and she found my pussy and slipped her lean
fingers deep inside.

Emily made me wild with passion and I instinctively
wanted to suck her pussy with my mouth. For the first
time in my life I kissed, sucked, and tasted another
woman's juices. Emily returned the favor and I came hard.
It was the best orgasm I had ever experienced and like a
drug addict, I craved for more and more.

We spent the better part of the night there together,
tightly in each other's arms enjoying the afterglow of
the experience. I could not have ever imagined it so. We
stayed there together as one until the late morning sun's
rays filtered through the window and woke us up.

"Ah shit! It's Jan," I moaned. Seeing her tie off the
boat to the dock through the lake view windows and making
her way up the path. "Fuck I forgot she was coming over
this morning," I said.

"Shit, now what?" she said.

"Emily, just jump in the shower and by the time you get
out I will have explained how your Mom asked if you could
stay over, don't worry about it." I told her. "Now calm

"Good morning Jan!" I kind of slept in and forgot all
about brunch. I'm not even showered or anything."

"Hey don't worry about it," Jan replied and gave Rose a
peck on the cheek. "I had a guest last night," I said.
"Emily stayed over and was just getting ready to go to

As Rose explained the story how it was that Emily was
here, Jan heard the shower running and noticed there were
no blankets or pillows out on the sofa. There was only
one small bedroom and she concluded that both women had
slept together. Jan also noticed the funky scent on
Rose's face when she cheek kissed her not minutes before.

"That was nice of you to let her stay." Jan replied.
"After brunch do you want to come to my place, I promised
to show you works" All three women had some brunch
together. Emily went to work for noon and Rose showered
and got dressed while Jan finished doing the dishes.

Once at Jan's, they mixed margaritas in the blender and
drank while Jan showed off her works. Her loft was Jan's
studio. Small but brightly lit from the three skylights
and one wall was completely mirrored. Rose was amazed how
many paintings Jan had done. Some finished and others
were work in progress. Rose noticed several paintings of
two little girls sleeping on a blanket. Rose also saw the
one of her from last week that wasn't finished.

"I'd like to finish that one before you leave next month
Rose." Both women mixed another pitcher of margaritas and
went back up to the loft. "Rose I'd like to paint you in
the nude, what do you say?" asked Jan.

"I thought you'd never ask," and without a further word,
I removed my shorts and tank top and asked, "How do you
want me?"

She said how about on the floor and Jan came and knelt
down beside me and held me. "I would like to kiss you if
that's ok," Jan said quietly and with that, she kissed me
square on the lips. I didn't resist.

"Oh Rose I'm so hot for you. You don't know how much I've
wanted to be with you but was afraid of your rejection."
She said with heavy breaths. "After I saw you and Emily I
knew that you wouldn't reject me."

I kissed her and told her I wanted he to. Jan and I
kissed and sucked each other like two ravenous beasts
over prey. Jan was defiantly experienced in women to
women loving and I was instantly addicted to her. I
couldn't get enough of this older woman. Jan knew exactly
what I wanted and needed.

We made love all afternoon stopping only for a short rest
and back to it again. We couldn't get enough of each
other and for the first time in my confused little life,
I things clearly. Jan had all the toys that woman could
wish for.

She used that strap-on dick like she was a guy and I
enjoyed having her fuck me with it. I lived with Jan in
her cottage for the rest of the summer and she taught me
well in the ways of lesbian love. I thought of Emily and
we debated whether or not we should have her over but
decided against it because of her age.

Mid August came too fast and furious. School had begun
and I approached life with a new vigor and enthusiasm. I
thanked Amy. For the use of her cabin and wondered to
myself if she had any idea what goes on up there. Next
weekend, I was going to start looking for nice girl and
settle down.

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